Barrier tent

A barrier tent is a protective device developed for the Center for Medical Simulation and Innovation of the Medical University of Warsaw. The construction is made of a transparent foil 0.3 mm thick. Its task is to safely isolate a patient with SARS-CoV-2 virus from doctors and medical personnel. The device covers the patient’s body from the waist up. In order to obtain easy and safe access to the patient, two special holes with stoppers are used. The product is disposable. Quick and simple assembly requires effective attachment to the bed and reinforcement with adhesive tape.

Barrier tent – a simple and effective form of protection

Thanks to the described solution, the patient is safe and comfortable, and the medical personnel is not exposed to the risk of infection. It is a simple, effective form of protection against the spread of the virus in hospitals, which does not require large financial outlays. The barrier tent received a positive opinion of the National Consultant in the field of emergency medicine.

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